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Phone, fax, or e-mail us your address to receive our complimentary repair-by-mail kit, including easy, self-sealing, pre-addressed mailing box, packing slip & materials, plus our four color repair brochure. (contact information at bottom of page, scroll down)

(Kit sent US Post Office, expect 3-5 days for delivery.)

Repair-By-Mail Kit
"A Capetown Exclusive"
Upon receipt of your box, completely fill out customer packing slip, paying special attention to the shipping insurance amount. Please note: In the event of loss or damage to the watch while in our possession or upon its return to you, our company policy is to replace said item with like kind. If you are in doubt as to what your watch may be worth phone us for guidance. (In recent years, prices have soared for many makes and models.)

Jonathan Bowen Marcus, Assistant Director of
Technical Development
Drop off your package at any US Post Office. Use registered mail, insure the package, and request a return receipt card. Or call UPS, (800) PICK-UPS, to arrange for a home or office pick up. NOTE: Don't forget to insure your package and request a delivery confirmation receipt.

Should you live in the vicinity of any of our affiliated repair centers (Orange County (CA), Beverly Hills, Dallas, Atlanta, Manhattan), and would like to drop off your repair, please call our Atlanta office to arrange for an appointment. Prior to calling, you must complete our "Customer Packing Slip" and fax it to us at (770) 645-0450.

Click Here to download instructions and "Customer Packing Slip".
Click Here to view sample repair and restoration charges.

  1. Salt/Chlorinated Water Damage
    • As stated in Frequently Asked Questions, this situation requires immediate attention. Download and complete our "Customer Packing Slip" and call for instructions on how to quickly get your watch to one of our repair centers.

  2. In a Hurry? Can't wait for our Repair-By-Mail Kit?
    • Download and complete our "Customer Packing Slip" and call us for the address of the repair center that will best suit your needs.

  3. In a Real Hurry?
    • Emergency 72-hour service or other unique situations can be accommodated for an additional charge. Please call our office if your needs meet this level of urgency.

Please Help Us To Help You:
Time is money, hence in order for us to keep our operating costs in line, we must conserve our resources for those callers who have an immediate service need and have taken the minor effort required to peruse the comprehensive information supplied within the repair section of our website.

In light of this, we must insist that you do not call us with questions that have been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions. However, if the FAQ does not address your particular question, please don't hesitate to call. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Capetown Diamond Corporation
National Mail Order Center in Atlanta:

Monday-Friday 10:30-6:00 EST
Phone: (770) 645-8555 - FAX: (770) 645-0450
Toll-Free Line: (888) 237-8827 (Repairs Only!)

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