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Our success is based on our ability to serve the needs of the perspicacious* client. The one who can see the big picture. Besides price, this buyer has other concerns that must be addressed before he is willing to commit a considerable sum of money to a "Stranger in Cyberspace"!

As a smart shopper you should also know:
  • How long has the company been in business? Does their longevity and financial statement assure their continual performance? Do they have adequate and verifiable references to back up their claims?
  • Is the company staffed with committed professionals with the expertise, knowledge and depth of inventory to properly guide you through the myriad of options available? (New vs. pre-owned; The relative merits of one brand over another, etc.)
  • How comprehensive is their warranty? Is watch repair an integral part of their business or is it a necessary evil that's "farmed out" to the lowest bid?
  • As one of our clients so aptly put it, "If Tiffany had a discount division, Capetown would be it!"

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