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Our service division is not just another ancillary department but the actual foundation of our company. Our major source of revenue is derived from the sale of pre-owned upscale Swiss timepieces. This core business is totally dependent upon an elite staff of proficient horologists capable of restoring to showroom new, any and all, of the world's finest antique and contemporary watches, including Cartier, Rolex, Ebel, Patek, Breitling, Audemars, Omega, etc. Although we are not an official Rolex jeweler, nor affiliated with any of the Swiss manufacturers, we feel we are as well equipped to service your needs.

Among our staff and advisory board you will find some of the world's most celebrated horologists, including internationally trained, second and third generation, master watchmakers. Several have held horology's most coveted credential, from Switzerland's finest manufacturers, - that of "Certified Watchmaker". As our client you will not only benefit from the skills of these caring technicians, but also from our up-to-the-minute product knowledge, modern horological equipment, and comprehensive inventory of manufacturer's original replacement parts, as well as time-tested, reasonably priced, generic alternatives.

Capetown's career horologists have thousands of hours of experience repairing the world's finest watches.
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Feburary 15, 1999

Dear Ms. Marcus,

Thank you for your kind letter of February 9th enclosed. In fact, I am so impressed with the repair job you did on my datejust watch that I want to purchase a day-date Presidential from Capetown.

I am looking for the best price that you can give me-- please quote both new and like-new condition.

I am ready to purchase this watch immediately and can put my check in the mail today.

With kindest regards,

William Jackson, DC


Dear Susan:

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team of specialists for taking great care of my watch these past few weeks. When I sent my Rolex to you, I thought for sure it was beyond repair to the point where I was heartbroken. The watch has gone through many rough and celebrated occasions with me and therefore has irreplaceable memories.

What else can I say except that you and your company, Capetown, have gained my trust and confidence as professionals in the jewelry/watch sales and repair business.

Edward J Garabedian

November 22, 1994

Dear Mr. Marcus,

In May of 1994, five months after I gave my valuable time piece to M&B, they advised me that the cost of repair would be $2,400.00!! I asked that they return the watch to me as I thought this estimate was much too high. I finally got the watch back in August of 1994.

On the other hand, I brought my watch to you. In one month I got it back, working beautifully, at a cost of $300.00!! The only conclusion I can draw is that M&B are rip-offs and will not see my business again.

Again, thank you for the fine job and I look forward to doing business with you many times in the future.

Very Truly Yours,

Paul B. Kemeness
Attorney at Law


This letter is to sincerely thank you for doing what ultimately "Rolex" could not even do, that being assessing the problem with my malfunctioning Rolex watch, and immediately repairing it. It has been three months so far and her watch is not showing any mysterious problems. Why Rolex themselves as well as their authorized vendors could not do what you were able to do is beyond me. I thought you should know that I have been recommending your company to just about anyone we know!

I am grateful for your help.

Yours Truly,

Ron Hahamy

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