From: J. Van Wyck Taylor []
Sent: Sunday, January 10, 2016 7:43 AM
To: Jeff Larson
Subject: Fwd: CT32249; Certified Pre-Owned Gent's 18K Yellow Gold Rolex Bark Finish "Day-Date Presidential."

Jeff, here's a testimonial I've prepared for Capetown Diamonds.  If you need me to put it on my office letterhead and send it to you, please let me know.

Since the mid-1970s, I'd wanted a Rolex watch, but it wasn't until 1985 that I bought one, a new Stainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold Oyster Perpetual "Date Just," with a jubilee band. I liked that watch so much that I bought my wife one, just like it. We've really enjoyed these watches, and we've worn them every day, unless they's been sent to Rolex for cleaning and service.

Although I'd seen and always wanted an 18K Yellow Gold Rolex "Day-Date Presidential," there was really no way I could justify buying a new one, even as a successful attorney. More out of curiosity than anything else, I recently began an on-line search; I found out that there is a large market for pre-ownned Rolex watches; and I discovered Capetown Diamonds. Their inventory of pre-owned Rolex watches, alone, is amazing, and they have just about every make and model that anyone could ever want.  Not only are their watches certified and warranted, but they are very reasonably priced. I checked-out Carl Marcus and was really impressed by his character, his reputation, and his attitude toward toward customer service. He and his family make it clear that they sell new and pre-owned fine jewelry and watches at fair prices and that they stand behind what they do. These days, when so many people don't want to accept responsibility for anything, that kind of attitude really impressed me; it made me comfortable, knowing that, if I found a watch I liked, I'd be spending more than $10,000 to get it and be buying it from people I'd never met.

In almost no time, I found exactly the watch I wanted, a Certified Pre-Owned Gent's Yellow 18K Gold Rolex Bark Finish "Day-Date Presidential."  Because I had some questions about it and wanted to speak personally with someone at Capetown Diamonds before buying this watch, I called them and spoke with Jeff Larson, who couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. He researched and answered all of my questions. The watch I was interested in buying appeared to have luminous hands and hour markers, but it's written description didn't say anything abut that. Jeff confirmed that it did, but he went on to say that, because the watch was more than 10 years old, there was a good chance that its hands and hour markers wouldn't be as bright as I might want, if at all. He volunteered to replace the hands on the watch for me, if that was something that mattered. This was after I'd already agreed to buy it. That kind of offer and customer service really impressed me.

After paying for the watch with a wire transfer, it arrived two days later, and it is absolutely perfect. I could not be happier. For me, it's like a "dream-come-true."

Having discovered Capetown Diamonds, I'm sure I'll buy another fine pre-owned Rolex from them, and, when I do, I won't hesitate at all.   
Best Regards, Van.

J. Van Wyck Taylor
Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor
Charleston, South Carolina 29406

J Van Wyck Taylor
Charleston, SC