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From: Logsdon, Judy L [mailto:judy.logsdon@jefferson.kyschools.us]
Sent: Saturday, October 03, 2009 12:57 PM
To: Janice Rivers
Cc: carl@capetowndiamond.com; customerservice@capetowndiamond.com
Subject: Received my ring

Dear Capetown Diamonds and Janice,


I just wanted to let you know that I received my ring today and it is spectacular!  Capetown Diamonds is a joy to work with.  The customer service has been fantastic.  It is very difficult to find a company who provides a great product AND great customer service in the day we're living in.  And, you, Janice have been a delight.  Everything you told me was spot-on; from the quality of the diamond right down to how long it would take to resize my ring, and even the delivery date. I'm sure you know how difficult it is to find any company now-a-days who is honest, fair, and completely reputable.  I am happy to know there still some companies who really care about customer satisfaction.
Thank you for everything you've done to provide an exemplary experience for both my husband and myself.  He actually took the ring to work to show it to all his co-workers.  His co-workers were very complimentary, to say the least.  More like stunned!  Both my husband and myself were skeptical about buying a diamond over the internet but I will definitely be telling everybody I know to not be afraid to deal with Capetown Diamonds and I will be sure to tell everybody who sees my gorgeous ring where it came from.

Thanks a million for helping make my 25th anniversary a very memorable one!


Judy Logsdon


Judy Logsdon
Louisville, KY