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Extraordinary Value
Without Sacrificing Quality
Our precision-crafted line of diamond accessories - "The Geneva Collection®"- is the culmination of a 30+ year commitment to quality. They are the only accouterments manufactured in America which we believe are both technically and gemologically analogous to their authorized editions. Except for the price there is no appreciable difference!!! Just sales hype? Hardly ... this comparison is evidenced by independent laboratory gemological certification. Equally significant, our accessories have endured the test of time. Since 1973, thousands of client's have enjoyed our gemstone enhancements without ever compromising the integrity and performance of their precious timepieces. You can too!

In recent years, the proliferation of cheap knock-off accessories has become a cause of concern to both consumers and manufacturers. In many cases, their poor quality has adversely affected the performance of some timepieces. Therefore, it's not surprising that Rolex USA considers all diamond dials, bezels, and the like, not manufactured by them, to be non-genuine. The installation of such may cause the 1 year Rolex new watch warranty to be voided. (Of course, if your Rolex is over a year old the factory warranty has already expired.) While the preceding caveats may lead you to believe that factory genuine is the only way, compelling evidence suggests...there is one safe, practical and intelligent alternative - Capetown's Geneva Collection®.

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